AF Dance is Alessandra Ferri's production company. It is born out of  Ms. Ferri's desire to expand her artistic boundaries and in so doing create unique and innovative collaborations in a variety of media with established as well as upcoming talents of great inspiration. Please note that Ms. Ferri's guest appearances are not produced by AF Dance. While AF Dance may plan multiple productions down the line, funds are raised for one project at a time.

Obsidian Tear/Marguerite and Armand/Elite Syncopations, Royal Opera House, review

...The exquisite Alessandra Ferri (still unbelievably supple at 53) came out of retirement to play Marguerite last year and thank goodness for that: she portrays an agonisingly beautiful heroine, teetering on the edge of giddy exuberance and heart-wrenching agony. Her ability to execute technically flawless movement while navigating the character’s complexity is second to none...

The Telegraph -- Click here for the full review


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