AF Dance is Alessandra Ferri's production company. It is born out of  Ms. Ferri's desire to expand her artistic boundaries and in so doing create unique and innovative collaborations in a variety of media with established as well as upcoming talents of great inspiration. Please note that Ms. Ferri's guest appearances are not produced by AF Dance. While AF Dance may plan multiple productions down the line, funds are raised for one project at a time.


EVOLUTION. For Alessandra Ferri, stepping back onto stage has gone hand in hand with conquering full awareness of her destiny as a dancer. Being that intimately, with heart, body, and soul.

EVOLUTION is born out of this necessity, as the title runs on the double track of an evolving art that seeks new forms today more than ever, and that of an evolving artist who relentlessly pursues new emotions to be experienced and shared with her audience, diving into the work of choreographers with different  sensibilities and original visions. 

Herman Cornejo, principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre, is once again Ms. Ferri's ally in this new artistic journey. After his groundbreaking experience with Alessandra in Chéri, Cornejo is more and more stimulated to follow her sophisticated artistic and expressive research.

Several International talents will take part in the performance. These are artists from varied backgrounds who intimately share a mutual vision of the art of Dance. It is with them that Alessandra Ferri will dance a number of original and meaningful creations by today's authors, showing us their value, peculiar vision, poetry.

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